2010: Vermont QSO Party

CVARC is proud to announce that the West River Radio Club (WRRC) will be hosting the 2010 Vermont QSO Party. While retaining ownership of the VT QSO Party, CVARC is pleased that WRRC will be the 2010 host and has worked diligently to clarify the rules, prepare the forms, and create a superb website with numerous links to all you need to know to join in the “Party.”

On the WRRC 2010 VT QSO Party Web Page, you will find links to the 2010 VT QSO Party Rules, forms, and much more.

Many thanks to WRRC and especially John Borichevsky N1TOX, Darrel Daley K1KU, and Bro. Frank Hagerty W1KL of WRRC who have worked so hard to put the rules, forms, and website together. They have done a great job creating a template for the future.

We, CVARC, look forward to sharing the hosting of the VT QSO Party with other Vermont Amateur Radio Clubs “down the log,” promoting the fraternity of all Vermont Amateur Radio Clubs.


0000Z Feb 6 – 2400Z Feb 7 (7:00 p.m. EST Friday, February 5 – 7:00 p.m. Sunday, February 7). This is a 48 hour period. All stations may operate the full 48 hours.