Spring is here. Meeting and Volunteer Events

It’s been a long Fall and longer Winter. Now’s the time to regenerate, make a meeting and volunteer for events’ communications.

Tentatively, we’ll meet on Wednesday, April 22nd, at the “Steakhouse” on the Barre/Montpelier Road, 5:00 for “earlybird” dinner, 6:00 for dinner and meeting, our annual meeting election of officers, club business and general rag chew.

Two major events we are in dire need of volunteers for – May 14th “Corporate Cup Challenge…” and the “Vermont City Marathon”. Please consider volunteering as Amateur Radio communicators for either, or both of these events. I know we all need another T-shirt or two! For the Corporate Cup, please contact “The Director”, me, via this website. Just email “The Director”. For the Vermont City Marathon, please contact Mitch Stern W1Sj, check the RANV site, or the Vermont City Marathon website. If you can’t find them, contact me and I’ll send you the contact information.

It is time to get CVARC revitalized!

73, KB1NGQ “The Director”

November Meeting

Our November Meeting will be held on Nov 5th.

6pm at the Steak House Restaurant on Rt.302 in Berlin.

We welcome and invite all area hams and anyone interested in ham radio to come to our meetings to help us keep this club alive.  Its a great time to see old faces and make new friends.  For more information please feel free to contact our Secretary Shawn Silk KB1TQR @ 802-585-0553

Central Vermont FM Net 2014-06-22

Net Opened

2014-06-22 1600h EDT

Net Control



  1. Jeff – N1YWB

    Went to VT History Expo in Tunbridge

  2. Cathy -N5WVR

    Get feedback on survey to me within one week

  3. Ed – N1FMP

  4. Tom – KB1NGQ

    Been in touch with Al Gardner; will pick up generator; will try to find banner; prefer Sat morn;

  5. Jim – KB1ZSQ

Net control next week


Net Closed

2014-06-22 1628h EDT

Central Vermont FM Net 2014-06-15

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2014-06-15 1600h EDT

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  1. Jeff – N1YWB

    3rd kid on way. Caught 17″ largemouth on Baker Pond in Brookfield on Fathers Day canoe fishing trip with dad.

  2. Ed – N1FMP

    Pressure washed sailboat. Physically challenging. Still making Field Day plans. Congrats to N1YWB on 3rd harmonic. Net control next week is unconfirmed; Carol perhaps?

Net control next week


Net Closed

2014-06-15 1607h EDT

VT H.62 A Victory for Two-Way Radios in Vehicles?

The Vermont State Senate Transportation Committee has given a 10-0 vote for H.62 WITH AMENDMENTS! Briefly, as follows;

Sec. 1. 23 V.S.A. §
4(82) is amended to read:
(82) Portable electronic device means a portable electronic or computing device, including a cellular telephone, personal digital assistant (PDA), or laptop computer. Portable electronic device does not include a two way or Citizens Band radio, or equipment used by a licensed Amateur Radio operator in accordance with 47 C.F.R. part…

Let’s hope this goes smoothly through any House/Senate Conference Committee to accept the amendments and pass the legislature!



Neal Rentz N1ZRA SK

We are all saddened by the loss of Neal, N1ZRA. Several weeks ago, Neal finally had the heart transplant he had been waiting for, for 5+ years. Apparently, the transplant went well, but then there were complications, he suffered a stroke and the doctors could not revive him. Although we are saddened, Neal “fought the good fight”, kept a very positive attitude through numerous trips and stays in hospital, worked with the cardiac specialists with experimental external, electro-mechanical heart pumps and radio monitoring equipment. There is no doubt that all of his hard work and positive attitude have advanced the science and will lead to saved lives. Still, he will be missed. N1ZRA, N1ZRA, de KB1NGQ… Nothing heard. KB1NGQ Out.

August 2012 CVARC minutes

Here are the minutes of our August, 2012, meeting.

John Saxby KB1AMA SK

CVARC Lifetime Member now SK. He will be missed – From Paul Gayet AA1SU, thanks Paul for the notice.

John Saxby KB1AMA of Lake Elmore became a Silent Key on the morning of Saturday, July 21, 2012 at Copley Hospital in Morrisville, VT. John was 68.

In July 2009, John had a successful double lung transplant. He had a new lease on life, and his health was improving. However in November 2011, John was diagnosed with leukemia. Even though the doctors told him that there was no chance of remission, he did go into remission in January 2012. It did not last, even with continued chemotherapy..

John’s family took him to the hospital Friday morning, as he was having severe pain. After cat scans and x-rays, they couldn’t find anything wrong. It was just the leukemia causing the severe pain. … The decision was made to keep him comfortable and let nature take it’s course. He died at 7:50 AM.

I was not a very close friend of Johns, but I did work with him for a few years at Hulbert Supply in Burlington, where he was the vice president of the company. We were also at NEAR-Fest at the same time a couple of times. That was fun because we got to chat outside of the company. I bought 3 Zenith radios from him at that Hamfest. I still have them today.
Paul N. Gayet AA1SU
ARRL Vermont Section Manager

[Submitted, and edited by Tom Long KB1NGQ]

July-August Newsletter

Hello All,

The July-August newsletter is available on the QFQ Report page, and besides the usual club news you will find:

  • A report on Field Day by Tom Long, with lots of pictures;
  • Chris Brown’s amazing article about his home-made 40 m QRP XMTR with SWR Bridge and T-match, complete with pictures and diagrams;
  • A cool shot of David Hale’s unique miniature milled replicas of antique telegraph keys;
  • and some candid photos of our own W1BD repeater, submitted by Wayne Dorsett.

I appreciate these contributions, and hope others will be moved to share their experiences and know-how.


Jessica KB1NBO

Your Field Day Planning CVARC Newsletter is here!

24 Hours of Off-Grid Cross-Globe Communication – June 23 and 24

Fun, Food, and Fooling around with Frequencies

Planning Meeting: June 6, 2012

See our new CVARC newsletter for details.