Operators Needed 9/14/14

Greetings! The Cabot Mentoring program is holding the 2nd annual “Ride the Ridges” bike ride Sunday 9/14, and would appreciate some ham support at the aid stations.

There are 2 long rides starting at 8am, and 2 shorter ones starting at 10am. The shorter routes are the ones along which we’d like to station a few ham radio operators, especially the 10K “family-friendly” loop, plus we might be able to place one person at the aid station in Peacham for the 100K route, and/or other aid stations on the longer routes, depending on how many folks respond. The website, with maps of all routes, is at ridetheridges.cabotconnects.org

If ham operators can get to the Cabot Common by 9:30, we’ll get organized and be able to be in place and ready by the time the 10:00 riders start, and that should be before the first riders would get to the Peacham station, if we’re able to staff that as well. We will use 146.58, which has worked well in this terrain in the past. The 10K riders should all be done by noon, with the other riders finishing in the early afternoon, and all volunteers will get a free lunch, which was amazing last year!

If you are free that day, and would like to join us, please reply as soon as you can, and let me know if you have a mobile or portable rig  (and/or any you can lend if need be), if you have any time constraints on either end, and if you’d be willing to be Net Control, so I can figure out where to station folks. I hope to see some of you on the 14th!

Karen KB1PCM

Outdated Information on This Website

There is much outdated information on this website. Please contact any of the officers for updates and corrections. Or, better yet, come to the August 6, 2014 meeting at the “Steak House” restaurant, 5:00 – 5:30 p.m. for “Early Bird” dinner specials, 6:00 on for meeting. We are working to get the website back up, possible quarterly newsletter and all else those interested in Amateur Radio may have interest in. 73, de KB1NGQ

Field Day Update for June 27th-29th

We will not be setting up this Friday night, the 27th. We will be arriving around 08:00-08:30 L.T. Saturday morning the 28th, at the Barre Town Rec. Area to begin setup.

Directions -

From Barre, Rt. 14 South; Take LEFT ON Quarry Hill Rd. (turn is next to State Farm Insurance), up past “Thunder Road” racetrack to LEFT ON WEBSTERVILLE RD.. The entrance to the Barre Town Rec. Area will be ON YOUR RIGHT, just past the cemetery, same entrance as the driveway to the school. Stay straight past the school until you see the pavilions across from the athletic field. Look for the CVARC Field signs.

From I-89; EXIT 6 down Rt. 63 (long down hill). CROSS Rt. 14 (at the light), up MIDDLE Rd. until you see Rock of Ages visitor’s center on your left at GRANITVILLE Rd.. LEFT on Graniteville Rd. to WEBSTERVILLE Rd.. RIGHT on Websterville Rd., then RIGHT into the entrance of the Elementary/Middleshool drive (same directions as above, once on Websterville Rd..

From Rt. 302 in East Barre, either direction, turn onto Rt. 110 (near Mobil Station). FOLLOW TOWARD RIGHT onto MILL ST. to RIGHT ONTO WEBSTERVILLE RD. Keep going around the old quarry until you see the Elementary/Middle School on your left. LEFT into entrance of the school (far end), then straights as directions above.

I hope I got these directions right. We will have a radio set up for “Call-in/Talk-in” on our repeater, 146.625, 100 Tone, -600 input. Yell if you can’t find us. Signs should be set up before 8:30 a.m., the 27th.

I think we have most all radio, antenna, power supply and generator needs covered. However, it never hurts to have too much than too little. So, bring whatever you think might be helpful.

“Picnic” supplies, such as paper goods, plastic utensils, etc. will be provided and the all essential COFFEE POT. Food, however may be “ad hoc”. So, you may want to plan to bring something to share and make sure you have enough for yourself.

Steve Board, KA1LHZ, will be giving a demo on proper technique for attaching various RF connections to various coax once we have everything set up and on the air (after the 14:00 L.T. start time).

Hope to see everyone there.

73, Tom Long KB1NGQ

Central Vermont FM Net 2014-06-22

Net Opened

2014-06-22 1600h EDT

Net Control



  1. Jeff – N1YWB

    Went to VT History Expo in Tunbridge

  2. Cathy -N5WVR

    Get feedback on survey to me within one week

  3. Ed – N1FMP

  4. Tom – KB1NGQ

    Been in touch with Al Gardner; will pick up generator; will try to find banner; prefer Sat morn;

  5. Jim – KB1ZSQ

Net control next week


Net Closed

2014-06-22 1628h EDT

Central Vermont FM Net 2014-06-15

Net Opened

2014-06-15 1600h EDT

Net Control



  1. Jeff – N1YWB

    3rd kid on way. Caught 17″ largemouth on Baker Pond in Brookfield on Fathers Day canoe fishing trip with dad.

  2. Ed – N1FMP

    Pressure washed sailboat. Physically challenging. Still making Field Day plans. Congrats to N1YWB on 3rd harmonic. Net control next week is unconfirmed; Carol perhaps?

Net control next week


Net Closed

2014-06-15 1607h EDT

CVARC Board of Directors’ Meeting 5/5/2014

There will be a Board of Directors’ Meeting, open to all, at the “Steak House”, Barre-Montpelier Road, on 5/5/2014, starting approximately 4:00 p.m.. Annual Report, Elections of Officers, Financial issues and storage of CVARC property will be several of the items on the agenda, as well as the upcoming “Field Day”. 73, KB1NGQ Director


We need more volunteer HAM operator’s to cover the “Vermont Corporate Cup Challenge and State Agency Race”, May 15th, Montpelier. CVARC has supported this event for many years. It is a low impact event, requiring only that you know how to run your “HT”, follow Net Control’s instructions, relay runner positions by bib number and, if unlikely, relay runner/walker distress information. It is always a good time, usually great weather and you even get a volunteer’s T-Shirt! We meet on the State House lawn, about 4:00 that afternoon, to assign operators, stations and tactical calls. We’re usually done before 7:00 (19:00 LT).

Please contact me, “The Director”, or via QRZ [KB1NGQ] if you want to join in the fun.

VT H.62 A Victory for Two-Way Radios in Vehicles?

The Vermont State Senate Transportation Committee has given a 10-0 vote for H.62 WITH AMENDMENTS! Briefly, as follows;

Sec. 1. 23 V.S.A. §
4(82) is amended to read:
(82) Portable electronic device means a portable electronic or computing device, including a cellular telephone, personal digital assistant (PDA), or laptop computer. Portable electronic device does not include a two way or Citizens Band radio, or equipment used by a licensed Amateur Radio operator in accordance with 47 C.F.R. part…

Let’s hope this goes smoothly through any House/Senate Conference Committee to accept the amendments and pass the legislature!




Contrary to various rumors, CVARC is still here and attempting to re-build and revitalize. Monthly meetings are still held at the Steakhouse on the Barre-Montpelier Rd., the 1st Wednesday of each month (early birds before 5:30, dinner and meeting starting around 18:00 LT). We are working to get a new webmaster to take over all the work Eric (K1US) has done for so many years, update the officers list, find some one to take over the newsletter, etc… Stay posted and, if you have interest in Amateur Radio in the Central Vermont area, please join us. CVARC is, and only will be, what we are willing to put into it.

73, KB1NGQ (The Director)

MEETING Wednesday Sept. 4th, 2013

There will be a regular meeting (1st Wednesday of most months) at the Steak House, Barre Montpelier Road. As usual, members who want to take advantage of the “Early Bird” special, for dinner, will arrive before 5:30. Dinner served throughout the meeting. The meeting begins at 6:00, or so. All, operators, or those interested in Amateur Radio, welcomed. We have a number of Club related items to discuss, as well as to have the time to “Rag Chew” about our common hobby, help and encourage those not licensed, or looking to upgrade their license to do so, and make eyeball contacts.

Summer is rapidly waning, band conditions will be changing, leaves and thunderstorms will be less of a propagation issue. It is time to get the communications and enthusiasm powered up and tuned in!

Hope to see, as many as can make it, around the table sharing and looking forward to the re-invigoration of OUR CLUB. New members always welcomed.

73, de KB1NGQ (thedirector@w1bd.org)